"Developing students into healthy leaders and entrepreneurs through discipline, dedication and development."


B.O.S.S. is committed to developing students into healthy leaders and entrepreneurs.


Meet Karmollo! Karmollo is a B.O.S.S. YOUTH LEAGUE member. He is from Selma Alabama. He currently has a 4.0 G.P.A.. Karmollo faced many bad influences and ran into peer pressure growing up. He also didn't make his middle school basketball team.  During an unexpected turn of events, he realized he needed a change of direction.  After an invitation, he decided to came participate and play with B.O.S.S. Youth League. He came to learn the fundamentals of basketball but obtained much more. Direction. Leadership. Positive values. Discipline. Mangement of time and resources. Karmollo was taught to be a leader and rise above the negative influences. He also learned how to be an entrepreneur. Karmollo now understands the basic fundamentals of starting a business  and what it means to be a positive leader! Karmollo now plays for his middle school basketball team. Karmollo is a BOSS!  Support other kids like Karmollo by DONATING to this non profit 501 c3 today!


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