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Our Program


B.O.S.S. is committed to developing students into healthy leaders and entrepreneurs.

Our Model

Why communities matter?


This world is made up of communities around the globe. Regardless of the economic, cultural, or social backgrounds, we all come from communities. Every child comes from some type of community. One thing is for sure, communities help shape the patterns of children today. Unfortunately, the very things that shouldn't matter in having a positive community  are the very things that assist in the effects of communities that are surrounded by negative influences.  

Our recipe for success

Through our effective combination of athletic training, leadership skill development, and entrepreneurship education, communities become "stakeholders" and fully engaged in what it takes to help develop our students into positive influences of the world. This shared investment ultimately moves not just the child, not just communities, but the whole world forward.




B.O.S.S. is a key player in promoting health within the youth in our communities. Through our program,  students are taught healthy habits through exercise          and a nutritious diet.



Entrepreneurial principles with hands on projects, meet and greets, and assignments for students to develop into entrepreneurs.




Students are taught to guide others in the right by positioning them to lead in practice, speaking engagements, and many other activities.


Preparation for Positive Impact:


Students are encouraged to leave all negative influences. We are forerunners in pushing a positive mentality in our communities to change the world in a positive way. 

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