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B.O.S.S. is committed to developing students into healthy leaders and entrepreneurs.


Job Postings

All of our career applicants / volunteers must register on


Administrative Assistant- The job of a voluntary Administrative Assistant is to keep track of records and a database to better aid us in applying and receiving grants, sponsorships, and equipment. Some of the record keeping we need is to make sure that all the students who are in our program turned in their proper paperwork (birth certificate, physical, the registration fee of $35.00, (Montgomery Branch waived) and all assignments. Keep a database of volunteer and paid employees by tracking their hours worked and ensuring that they submitted a background check for coaches and any volunteer/employee that will be around the youth. We also ask that this person is able to take notes during board meetings.


Marketing DirectorThis person would be responsible for keeping track of all social media sites or appointing someone to operate the social media and internet sites. This person is also responsible for updating websites and ordering equipment and materials that are for our youth that will help brand our organization and market to the world. We also keep a catalog of where we have been, the kids in our program, and some of the business ventures we have or plan to participate in in the future.


Fundraiser/ Events Director- This person is responsible for creating and implementing fundraising events to help raise funds. We currently have 2 annual events that are major (Celebrity Charity Basketball Game, Get Fit Selma). This person would take over these two ventures and implement more events for raising funds. In addition, this person will also plan events to thank the community, give back to the community, and plan activities that will enhance the curriculum of the program. We take a major trip every semester. 


Grant writersThis person is responsible for applying for grants, foundations, and seeking funds from major corporations.


City Directors-  Directors who are over a branch are responsible for implementing the program by monitoring the kids and going through the curriculum with the kids. Also, directors will receive shirts, cards, jerseys for the youth, 2 balls,a curriculum and a schedule.They will also be given a schedule. Winning coaches teams will be given a trophy and if possible 500 towards their end of semester trip.

Coach- A coach is responsible for teaching the fundamentals of basketball, health, and leadership. They will keep an inventory of equipment and keep track of the youth players grades and progress and assist in coaching games and tournaments.

Contact (786) 413-8853 or (334) 327-5165
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