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Best of Student Shooters (B.O.S.S.) Youth League was founded by Querline Stsurin-Moore and her husband Derriet T. Moore in August of 2011. Querline was born and raised in Miami, Florida and was raised by parents who were both born in Haiti, Port au Prince.  At an early age, Querline learned the fundamental values of running and owning a business. Although Querline never met her grandmother, she was told by her mother that her grandmother was a business woman who sold linen. Querline's mother followed those footsteps and started her own business. Querline's mother, who is also named Querline, borrowed money from her uncle and opened a business with Querline's father. The business was named "KAY PEP LA", which is translated in English as "house of the people". This business was a multi-services family business which sold convenient store items. It also provided services such as international calls, a local radio station, and a pawn shop. Querline and her siblings grew up assisting her parents with running the store. Querline saw both aspects of the business at it's highest peak and also at its most difficult setbacks.

Querline didn't always have the latest name brand items while growing up with parents from Haiti. In addition, she was the only girl in the family.  Since no one wanted to play with Querline, she taught herself how to shoot basketball on the outside courts of Miami, Florida and the rest was history. Querline played basketball for the local parks in North Miami until she graduated from high school. She also played for her middle school (Westview Middle) and later her high school (Miami Central Senior High). Querline won rookie of the year and the best shooter award during her tenure. During her senior year, she was the a champion at the "Put Me in the Game Coach" showcase.  Querline coached youth boys and girls basketball at Aspira Middle Charter School for five (5) years. She was successful in winning three (3) play-off championships in her five (5) years of coaching both boys and girls teams for Aspira in Miami, Florida.  


Querline later received her Associate's (AA) Degree from Miami-Dade College and was recruited by Concordia College-Selma to play college basketball. During the season, she decided  to transfer to Selma University to pursue her Bachelors Degree.  One day, she suggested to one of the coaches to rebuild the women's basketball program while attending Selma University.   Some time later, the school organized a coaching staff and rebuilt the basketball program. She then joined the team and was a tremendous asset to the team in leadership and game play.  Querline graduated Selma University with a Bachelors in business and later received a second Bachelors degree in Human Resource Management (HRM) from Faulkner University (Montgomery, Alabama). She also received her Masters of Science in Management (MSM) from Faulkner University. Before becoming a Realtor, Querline had dreams of furthering her basketball skills and playing in the WNBA.  Yet, after graduation, she was given a job opportunity to become employed with Selma City School system as a substitute while pursuing other goals in career and education.  While teaching in the school system, she noticed an absence of youth involvement in positive things. She also recognized that youth were leaning toward destructive decision making and unnecessary involvement in criminal things such as gangs, fights and theft.   She was conscious that there were a lack of affordable educational and youth programs.  She sought ways that could possibly improve students health, leadership, school prep, and fundamental sports initiatives. She wanted to do something about the situation. She had a love for youth and enjoyed watching them achieve at their fullest potential.  


Querline searched for various means in creating events to try and get youth focused on aspiring to achieve and attain positive goals.  She also sought to help youth assist themselves in positive ways by becoming more involved in the community. One event she and her husband organized was a "Stop the Violence Streetball Means No Street Brawl 4 on 4 Street Basketball Tournament and Food Drive".  After the tournament and food drive, she was bombarded by students wanting to learn and play basketball and become involved in other positive events.  Soon after, she started a youth group of boys and girls that would participate from area schools.  They would come to their group events, meetings and practices. Querline decided to take everything she learned in her experiences, education and career to make use of them by creating a program that would institute educational leadership, discipline, positive values, entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle and determination into the students she increasingly came in contact with on a daily basis. Thus, the Best of Student Shooters (B.O.S.S.) Youth League Fund now Business Of Success & Sports (B.O.S.S.) Youth League now began to come into fruition. Since then, they have grown from 1, 5,10 to over 30 students per month and has served many youth in the Blackbelt area and surrounding counties! Best of Student Shooters (B.O.S.S.) Youth League Fund now Business Of Success & Sports (B.O.S.S.) Youth League also had a 100% senior graduation rate of students who were involved in the program over three (3) semesters (1 year)!  Querline utilizes a sense of toughness, love and sensitivity to combat the negative issues of youth she constantly comes in contact with in the program.  This assists in bringing out the very best in the students she serves within Best of Student Shooters (B.O.S.S.) Youth League Fund now Business Of Success & Sports (B.O.S.S.) Youth League's program. She gives all honor to God for making these things possible!

Derriet Moore was born in historic Selma, Alabama. His parents birthed him at an early age and during the majority of his childhood, Derriet was raised by his grandmother, Nellie Moore.  Nellie marched during the protests of the Civil Rights movement of Selma and Montgomery, Alabama during the 60's and was jailed during the protests.  As a child, Derriet was very shy and quiet. Derriet played high school basketball at Selma High School and AAU Basketball for the Selma Shadows which helped him become more outspoken.  He also played semi professional basketball for The Selma Toros, managed by Togo Coles in Alabama after graduation.  While growing up, he was drawn to helping youth in the city.  He partnered with community leaders in efforts to create strategic events for youth in directing them toward positive goals. He later left Selma to attend college at the University of South Alabama (Mobile, Alabama). He later returned to Selma and became a popular recognized radio personality (DJ "Dee Moe") and a broadcaster at a major 50,000 watt radio station in Selma, Alabama known as WBFZ 105.3FM.  He was promoted to Program/Marketing Director and interviewed a host of celebrities and influential people.  These included entertainers such as, Chuck D (Public Enemy), Ricky Smiley (Comedian, Radio Personality, Actor), Gary Coleman (Actor), Lenny Williams (Music Artist "Cause I Love You"), Syleena Williams (Music Artist "I am Woman"), Murphy Lee (Music Artist, St. Lunatics), Master P, Lil Romeo (Music Artist, Actor), Ben Wallace (NBA Championship Basketball Player (Detroit Pistons/Chicago Bulls/Orlando Magic/Cleveland Cavaliers/Washington Wizards), Jill Scott (Music Artist "A Long Walk" "Golden"), and many more. During his career as a program director, he hosted a top morning and night show for over 8 years before pursuing other goals. He began to promote and host events such as talent shows, step shows, non violence workshops and tournaments that attracted youth from all over the country and the Blackbelt.  He later began working in city government as a Liaison for the Community Outreach Program for the City of Selma and eventually served as a Code Enforcement Officer for ten (10) years with the city.  Soon after, he became an event promoter and met his wife while pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Business at Selma University. He and his wife later gained a second Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management at Selma University and a Masters of Science in Management (MSM) from Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama.  He went on to become a minister at the church of Christ at Idaho Street in Selma, Alabama and a Realtor.  After graduation, he and his wife would team together to form the Best of Student Shooters (B.O.S.S.) Youth League Fund now Business Of Success & Sports (B.O.S.S.) Youth League non profit.  This initiative connects many at-risk students with positive goals to began lifting their standards in leadership, business, athletics, health, and education.  Both of their educational experiences and athletic ability allow them to reach the students more effectively by combining what they each love to do! Best of Student Shooters (B.O.S.S.) Youth League Fund now Business Of Success & Sports (B.O.S.S.) Youth League gives the staff and youth the opportunity to continue great work in developing positive goals for participants of the program. This occurs primarily through teaching youth boys and girls business fundamentals, health, fundamentals of basketball, leadership, discipline, dedication, and goal attainment. He gives all honor to God for making this possible! 

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